Bag for slalom poles - up to max. 180 cm length

You will receive a high-quality bag for slalom poles with a length of up to 180 cm. The bag for slalom poles is durable, washable and the 2 carrying straps guarantee a comfortable transport. This bag has a capacity of max. 30 slalom poles with a maximimum length of 180 cm. The price refers to one bag for slalom poles with-out any content. The matching slalom poles and other sets can also be found in our shop. Professional sports teams are already training with our products!


Product features:

  • High quality carrying bag for slalom poles 
  • Max. capacity: 30 poles 
  • Suitable for slalom poles up to 180 cm length 
  • Durable material (washable) 
  • 2 straps for an easy transport 
  • Color: black
  • Dimensions: 187 x 30 x 20 cm


Good luck with your training!


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Bag for slalom poles - up to max. 180 cm length

High quality and solid carrying bag for up to 30 slalom poles

Item number 1073

EUR 10.90 *
Content 1 piece
Unit price EUR 10.90 / piece
In stock. Order by 11 am, dispatch the same day.
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