Combi ring system - 120 cm

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You will receive a combi ring system consisting of 2 combined X-feet, 2 combi rods (length: 120 cm), 2 combi clips and a clip-on ring (diameter: 40 cm). The combined X-foot can be combined with hurdle bars (25 mm diameter) and with coordinating rings (see picture below). When filled with sand, this foot ensures a secure footing. The individual components of this system are very high and stable. It is ideal for precise shooting and throwing exercises. The matching hurdle rods, which can be used to enhance the system, can be bought in our shop.


  • 2x combi X-feet
  • 2x combi bar (120 cm)
  • 2x combi clips
  • 1x ring (diameter: 40 cm)

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