Gym mat (190 x 60 x 0,8 cm) outdoor - foldable

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You get a foldable gym mat (blue), which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The mat is 190 cm long, 60 cm wide and 0.8 cm thick. It consists of non-slip and abrasion-resistant PE-material that is at the same time water-repellent. In addition, the skin-friendly gym mat can be folded and thus saves space when stored. A complete set of 10 incl. matching carrying bag can also be bought in our shop. Professional clubs and sportsmen also purchase our products.

Product features:

  • Gym mat outdoor - foldable
  • Dimensions: 190 cm long x 60 cm wide x 0.8 cm thick
  • Color: blue
  • High quality
  • PE material
  • Foldable in 4 (to save space)
  • Slip and wear-resistant,
  • skin-friendly
  • Water resistant with closed cells
  • Suitable indoor / outdoor
  • Professional product.

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