Shuttle run test – Complete set

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You get a high-quality complete set for the shuttle run test, consisting of modern and useful pieces. Some items included in the set you can also buy separately in our shop. Coaches from the professional sector also work with our products. The shuttle run test is a test for sport specific endurance. Originally it was used in American football. Now, however, it is a common and popular test for determining the speed and stamina in almost all team sports. This shuttle run continuously increases in its intensity and makes it possible to guage the endurance of the athlete by their ability to absorb oxygen. Kit Contents: Brochure, "Shuttle Run Test" (Introduction, Notes, Tables); Shuttle Run Test participant lists A4 (50 sheets); Set of 20 marking cones (each 10x red and yellow), includes carrying system; Speakers for the audio signal microSD card 128 MB "Shuttle Run Test," and High quality metal ballpoint pen. You receive a detailed invoice with every purchase! Good luck with your training!


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