You get a modern training tool for an optimal sprint training. The Sprint band is 30m long and can be stretched across the sports field. It is fixed by 11 small anchors and solid metal grommets on the sports field. 15 red and 15 black sections serve as markers, with a length of 1m length each. The coach is now telling the athletes how many sprint and recovery sections they have to do (for example, sprint until 3rd red section, then recover 3 red sections, etc.), which are executed by the athletes. The Sprint band gives the athlete a good orientation in the sprint training. You will find other innovative products in our shop. Coaches from the professional sector also work with our products.

Product details:

  • Sprint band for good orientation during sprint training;
  • ideal for grass and clay courts.
  • Length of the Sprint Band: 30m,
  • Length of 15 red and 15 black sections: 1m each,
  • Material: Webbing with metal grommets (includes 11 small metal anchors for fixing).
  • Professional quality.
  • Training focus: Improvement of explosive strength, sprint and reaction training, explosive strength, endurance, acceleration, and more.

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Sprint band 30 m - sprint training

Sprint band 30 m for good orientation during sprint training

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