Sprint slide - Sprint training with fast release function

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You get a modern sprint sledge including span with shoulder strap and quick release system. The sprint sledge can be equipped with weights (hole diameter from 20 mm), to pull it with resistance either on the training ground or through the hall. The sledge had to be pulled with the support of the shoulder strap, which is included. While training with the Sprint sledge, the athlete has the opportunity to pull the quick release leash, separating from sprint sledge to perform free sprints without the sprint sledge. This tool can be used in several sports and is already widely used by German professional clubs. The matching exercises can be found in our DVDs, training plans and training catalogue. Weight discs are not included with the delivery, but can be purchased in our shop.

Product Details:

  • High quality Sprint sledge,
  • includes span with quick release function,
  • Net weight: 6 kg,
  • Hole diameter for weight: 20 mm,
  • Color Sprint Sledge: Red,
  • Color Span: Black/Red.
  • Very Strong.
  • Professional Goods.

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