Stretching strap - Length: 1.80 m

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Modern training tool for the stretching exercises. The athlete uses these 10 loops belt as a support in stretching exercises. It is meant to increase the intensity during stretching exercises. With this belt you reach a higher training effect in stretching exercises. It can be used in almost all sports. You receive this stretching strap with a total of 10 training loops and a length of about 1.80 m. Also coaches from the professional sports work with our training aids. The matching application exercises can be found in our training catalogue and DVD in our shop.

Product details:

  • Stretching strap,
  • Effective stretching exercises,
  • 10 training loops,
  • Length: about 1.80 m,
  • Color: black,
  • Training focus: Stretching musculature arms legs joints etc.

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