Speed timing system Speed-Checkr - 2-Gate System 

You will receive a high-quality speed timing system - 2-Gate System to enhance your Speed-Checkr performance test. This 2-Gate speed timing system set consists of two photocell systems incl. reflectors, four tripods with a bubble level and a matching plastic storage box. The 2-Gate System can be easily connected to the "Speed-Checkr" app, through the Bluetooth function - within a very short time you can create your very own timing system to measure the speed. The times, which can be measured down to 100ths of a second, are displayed directly in the app on your smartphone or tablet and you can assign them directly to each player.

Under ideal conditions, the two light sensors can be positioned at a distance of max. 100 m from each other and still maintain the connection. The maximum gate width of the two light barriers is around 350 cm each. It is possible to reach all speeds between 1 km/h and theoretically 100 hours km/h. The data is automatically displayed in the app, but can also be exported as a CSV file via email. You can create different teams in the app so that several trainers or teachers can share one Speed-Checkr if they also share 1 end device for the app. Even coaches from the professional sector work with our products.

Important: The paid Speed-Checkr app (€19.99/year) is required in order to use the timing system (it can be used with multiple users in one license, on one device, with Apple iOS or Android).

Those 4 premade performance tests (incl. description and graphics of the parcours) are already in the app:

  • 10 m start-up speed
  • 30 m basic speed
  • Agility course
  • Dribbling course

The app also offers the option to create your own performance tests and store those permanently (including a description and photo/graphic of the course) in the app. 

For these 4 ready-to-use performance tests, we offer the perfect training aid set with 19 pieces:Here

Instructions for the Speed-Checkr and information about the app:

The detailed instructions for the Speed-Checkr - timing system can be found: Here
Important information about the Speed-Checkr app: Here
Performance diagnostics with the Speed Checkr: Here


Definition Speed-Checkr Performance Test:

The Speed-Checkr performance test is a common and popular test for determining speed in almost all team sports. The speed test increases continuously the intensity and the app can be used as a tool to evaluate the progress of your players - you can evaluate the training progress in detail.

Product features:

  • Speed timing system Speed-Checkr - 2-Gate System 
  • For measuring the time between 2 points (at a maximum distance of 100 metres)
  • Ideal for performance diagnostics
  • Comes with a comprehensive app with the option to archive and CSV export
  • It is possible to create different teams in the app
  • Several trainers or teachers can share one Speed-Checkr, if they also share 1 end device for the app
  • 4 ready-to-use performance tests in the Speed-Checkr app
  • Create your own performance tests quickly and easily
  • The time is measured down to the millisecond
  • The speed is measured in km/h
  • Max. gate width of the two light barriers: ca. 350 cm from each other
  • Max. distance between the two light barriers: ca. 100 m
  • Protected against splash water
  • Runs on 20 AA batteries: 10 each for transmitter and receiver
  • Extremely long battery life (up to 70 hours)
  • Supplied without batteries
  • Easy to set up and use


Areas of application:

  • Performance diagnostics
  • Performance tests
  • In schools and sport clubs
  • Football, handball, athletics, etc.
  • Sports lessons
  • Parcour training
  • Target time tests
  • For individual and team training
  • etc.

Contents of the set:

  • 1x start light barrier 1 (pair of receiver and reflector)
  • 1x finish light barrier 2 (pair of transmitter and reflector)
  • 4x tripods with a bubble level
  • 2x mini cross screwdriver
  • 1x robust plastic storage box


Suitable accessories:

Good luck with your training!

Dual light barrier speed timing system - Speed-Checkr

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Speed timing system Speed-Checkr - 2-Gate System

Perfectly suited for performance diagnostics in sports clubs and schools

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