Playing field markings (2-coloured) with shooting zones - 25x20 m

You will receive a modern FUNino playing field marking (2-coloured) with shooting zones - with the dimensions 25x20 m, for an optimal and mobile bordering of your playing field. The FUNino game trains skill development, overview and creativity with a high fun factor and has been the trend in youth development for several years. This boundary set provides the perfect basis for your FUNino playing field. When rolled out, the marking tapes are 90 metres long in total. The 2 colours make it easy to distinguish between the playing and shooting zones. The marking tapes are easy to roll in and out and can therefore be quickly positioned on the required pitch. The PVC pegs (12 pieces) included in the set are ideal for fixing the FUNino field on the sports field. The pitch markings are supplied in a practical storage bag with deflation nets (goals are not included). The matching mini goals and other innovative products can also be found in our shop. Professional trainers also work with our products!


Product features:

  • High-quality FUNino Playing field markings with shooting zones
  • Designed for a FUNino playing field with the dimensions: 25x20 m
  • Incl. 12 pegs (PVC) and storage bag
  • With 2-coloured playing and shooting zones
  • For optimal and mobile marking of your FUNino playing field
  • Colour: red-white
  • Length of the complete boundary tape: 90 m
  • Width of the boundary tape: 5 cm
  • Tape material: synthetic material/fabric
  • Weight: ca. 2 kg
  • Easy to unroll and roll up
  • Ideal for grass pitches
  • Includes storage bag with ventilation nets
  • Professional quality


Suitable accessories:

  • Mini goals: Here
  • Erima FUNino soccer: Here
  • Children sports: Here


Enjoy your training!

Playing field markings (2-coloured) with shooting zones - 25x20 m


Pitch markings incl. ground pegs (PVC) and storage bag


Playing field markings (2-coloured) with shooting zones - 25x20 m

Pitch markings incl. ground pegs (PVC) and storage bag

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