T-PRO Coach Book Mini DIN A6 – Football

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T-PRO Coach Book DIN A5 – Football (100 pages)


You get a high-quality T-PRO Coach Book Mini in DIN A6 (with spiral binding). The football planner with 80 pages (160 sides) offers enough space for tactical sketches and notes. The sides are printed on both sides (front - writing lines and back - playing field) and therefore ideal for training and game preparation, as well as tactical instructions during the coaching or the game. The football field is divided into 24 tactical zones (A-X). By dividing into tactical zones, the players get a better sense of position and the coach can coach with short zone information, even during the game. As a bonus, when you purchase this T-PRO Coach books, you will get a high-quality Teamsportbedarf.de metal ballpoint pen. More workbooks and notebooks, as well as other T-PRO aids  required by trainers can also be purchased in our store. Even trainers of professional football work with our products!


Product features:

  • High-quality T-PRO coach book
  • 80 page (160 sides)
  • Dimension: 11.5 x 15 cm 
  • Size of sheet: A6
  • Colour: Black/White
  • Front side: Writing lines
  • Back side: Football field with 24 tactical zones (A-X)
  • incl. high quality metal ballpoint pen
  • Professional merchandise


Good luck with training!


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