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T-PRO Coach Set 1 - Football


You will receive a high-quality T-PRO training set for the modern football coach, consisting of the T-PRO DIN A4 binder, the football DIN A4 notepad (50 sheets), the T-PRO tactic map (leather) including accessories, the T-PRO Coach Book DIN A5, the T-PRO notepad DIN A5 (25 sheets), a T-PRO mousepad, as well as a high-quality metal ballpoint pen. All 7 items can also be purchased individually in our store. Even trainers from the professional areas work with our products!


Scope of the set:

  • T-PRO DIN A4 clip folder
  • Football DIN A4 Notepad (50 sheets)
  • T-PRO tactical map (leather)
  • T-PRO Coach book DIN A5
  • T-PRO Notepad DIN A5 (25 sheets)
  • T-PRO Mousepad
  • 2 high quality metal ball pens (print)


Good luck with training!


T-PRO Coach Set 1 – football

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