Football billiard - 16 balls including ball bag

The perfect combination of football and billiards provides lots of fun!

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Football billiard - 16 balls including ball bag


You will receive a modern football billiard consisting of 16 high-quality balls and a matching ball pack. The football billiard is the perfect mixture of football and billiards and brings a lot of fun and variety into the training. It is ideally suited for the training of ball control and promotes the development of the game intelligence and the ability to play. The set consists of a total of 16 balls of size 4, which are similar to the normal billiard in 7 solids (No. 1-7), 7 stripes (No. 9-15), 1 black (No. 8) and 1 white (unnumbered) Ball. The goal is to shoot the coloured striped and solid balls with the white ball, and finally the black ball. For playing field marking, our pylons or also benches, etc. can be used. The balls are hand-sewn and have a 4-layer coating for optimum resistance. Due to the Microfibre-PU material, the balls have not only a great glossy look, but also have excellent flying characteristics and are water-repellent. The ball weight is 360 - 380 g and the inside is a high-quality butyl ball bladder. The football billiard is suitable for the training of 2 and more players and can ideally also be used for warming up. Matching aids as well as other balls and interesting training aids can also be purchased in our store. Professional teams already train with our products!


Product features:

  • modern football billiard
  • consists of 16 balls
  • 7 solid balls (yellow, light blue, red, blue, orange, green and brown)
  • 7 striped balls (yellow, light blue, red, blue, orange, green and brown)
  • 1 black ball
  • 1 white ball
  • Size: 4
  • Weight approx. 360 - 380 g
  • Glossy-PU Material (glossy)
  • Nice look
  • Water-resistant
  • high-value TPU ball bladder
  • including ball bag
  • increased fun factor
  • Professional merchandise


Good luck with training!



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