Marking trolley (hand pump) - with a 16 L tank + 1 14 kg Can of Extra White Paint

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Marking trolley (hand pump) - with a 16 L tank

+ 1 14 kg Can of Extra White Paint


A spray marking trolley with a 16-litre plastic container and hand pump + 1 14 kg can of Extra White paint. The spraying device is located at the front in the range of sight, flexibly adjustable in height, and easy to operate with a hand lever on the guide rail. As soon as the spraying device hand lever is no longer operated, the pump switches off. The line width is flexibly adjustable from 50 to 120 mm. The trolley has a plastic paint container with a capacity of 16 litres, which can be easily removed for emptying the residual paint or for cleaning. Fill the marking paint in the desired mixing ratio with water into the 16-l container, take the container in both hands, shake it vigorously and you are ready to go. No more complicated stirring and stirrer cleaning, no more clogged nozzles thanks to quality paint - effective marking - top result. The stable tubular steel frames are weatherproof, powder-coated (better rust protection). All small parts are zinc plated. 4 balloon wheels with pneumatic tyres 260 Ø x 85 mm with roller bearings ensure smooth running and exact lines. The guide rail is adjustable in height. The suitable marking paint or other marking trolleys can also be purchased in our shop. Professional coaches are our customers, too!


Product details:

  • high quality marking trolley
  • incl. 1 14 kg can of Extra White paint
  • with plastic hand pump
  • extra large 16 litre plastic paint container
  • safety valve
  • weight: approx. 16 kg
  • max. capacity: 16 litres
  • spraying width: 50 to 120 mm
  • dimensions: 76 x 52 x 79 cm
  • 4 pneumatic balloon wheels (with roller bearings): 260 x 85 mm
  • incl. 1 paint hopper Ø 200 mm with sieve
  • stable tubular steel frame with weatherproof, powder-coated finish
  • small parts zinc plated
  • stable and durable

Product details for the 14 kg Extra White marking paint:

  • 1 14 kg can of Extra White marking paint
  • 2.2 - 3.2 kg depending on the mixing ratio for one field marking
  • in the mixing ratio 1:5 enough for about 3-5 fields each (depending on the line width)
  • suitable for all wet marking trolleys
  • environmentally friendly
  • very economical
  • super brightness
  • dries quickly on the grass, even in wet conditions
  • after drying, you can play on the lawn immediately
  • best used within 24 months (storage at a temperature of at least 5°)
  • Made in Germany
  • professional quality

Mixing recommendations:

  • Initial marking: 1 part paint, 3 parts water
  • Follow-up markings: 1 part paint, up to 5 parts water


Enjoy marking the field!

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