T-PRO Sports tape (extra strong) - 2 rolls with a box

2 rolls of a high-quality T-PRO sports tape (extra strong) with a storage box. The white tape measuring 3.80 cm x 10 m is made of non-elastic cotton and can be easily torn by hand. Due to its very high adhesive strength, the tape is well applicable in many areas. Unlike most sports tapes, however, the strong adhesive is made of zinc rubber. Therefore, it is not latex-free (caution with known latex allergy!). For sensitive skin, a bandage under the tape can be helpful. The price of 7.90 € refers to two rolls of sports tape with a hygienic strage box. You can purchase other sports tapes, storage boxes or other interesting products in our shop. Professional coaches use our products, too!


Product features:

  • 2 rolls of high-quality T-PRO sports tape with a storage box
  • Extra strong
  • Color: White
  • Roll dimensions: 3.80 cm x 10 m
  • High-quality processed
  • Material: non-elastic cotton
  • Easily torn by hand
  • Strong adherence
  • Good skin tolerability
  • Many application possibilities
  • Quality product


Suitable accessories:

  • Sport tapes: Here
  • Kinesiology tapes: Here

Keep it safe!

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T-PRO sports tape (extra strong) - 2 rolls with a box

premium sports tape, extra adhesive

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