Hot and cold compress – multiple compress 10 x 15 cm

You get high-quality cold-warm multiple compress from The hot and cold multiple compresses are suitable for both cold and for heat treatment. Ideal for use for sprains, bruises, muscle injuries and in physical therapy. The bag is suitable for microwave and freezer, depending on the application. The price refers to one single multiple compress. You will find other medical products in our shop under care equipment. Coaches and supporting staff working in the professional sector also work with our products.

Product features:

  • Multiple compress (hot and cold)
  • Dimensions: 10 x 15 cm
  • For immediate first aid and treatment
  • Has a cooling or warming effect for treating sports injuries
  • Suitable for microwave and freezer
  • As a cold compress, place in freezer for approximately 2 hours
  • As a warm compress place in the microwave at 500 W or 5 minutes in hot water
  • Has high tensile strength and is very easy to shape
  • Skin-friendly material


Good luck with the cooling or heating!

Hot and cold compress - multiple compress 10 x 15 cm

High quality cold-warm multiple compress (for cold or heat therapy)

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