T-PRO - Sling Trainer

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You get a modern T-PRO sling trainer for strengthening the entire body. Due to the adjustable sling trainer, with this T-PRO unit you can do exercises while standing as well as on the ground. The loops are fitted with handles, as well as with loops for hanging the feet. Whether pushup standing, push ups on the floor with hinged feet, squatting, pulling up the body of the loop or exercises standing on one leg. By the versatile exercise possibilities an effective and intense full body workout is possible in which activate especially your core muscles. You also train your coordination skills, conditional skills and balance. The application spectrum ranges from physiotherapy through competitive sports and also for private use.

We also equip professional clubs!

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Product features:

  • T-PRO Sling Trainer
  • Pro-Quality
  • Full body workout using your own body weight
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Length adjustable
  • Many sport-specific exercises possible
  • Easy to carry, can be used anywhere
  • Incl. storage bag
  • Washable, durable rubber handles with knobs
  • incl. door anchor
  • Black / Yellow
  • Applications: Physio, competitive sports, at home, etc.
  • Professional article




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