Replacement net - Rebounder 0,80 x 0,80 m

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You get high quality replacement nets for our rebounder 0,80 x 0,80 m. We offer 2 variants. Variant A is the standard net using the standard mesh size and variant B with the larger mesh size. In Variant B the ball bouncing a little stronger and a little more unpredictable from the net. This effect trains the reactionability and the technique of players and goalkeepers (rather for advanced players). Just select the desired net variant above. The price refers to 1 replacement net. The matching rebounder and bungee cords, you can also buy in our shop.

Just select the desired variant above.

Option A: normal mesh size, width about 4 cm
(Suitable for the general training of players and goalkeeper).

Variant B: larger mesh size, approximately 10 cm
(Suitable for advanced, since the ball unpredictable bounces).

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Good luck with your training!

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