You get a high quality slalom poles hurdle band from rubber length 160 cm. The hurdle band can easily be spun with velcro between 2 slalom poles and provides an ideal complement to the daily coordination training. Available is the slalom poles hurdle band separately or in a set of 5, in the color blue. Just put the desired amount in the cart above. The slalom poles are not included. You get a modern exercise equipment which is also used in professional sports. The matching slalom poles and modern training exercises, you will find in our shop. Product details: Slalom poles hurdle band (elastic), Length: 160 cm (unstretched), Height: 4 cm, Color: blue, Material: rubber, Application areas: coordination and jumping training, Prices: 1 hurdle band: EUR3,90, Set of 5: EUR14.90. You receive a detailed invoice with every purchase! (Shipping within Germany: 2,90 EURO) (AT-F-UK-BE-NE-LUX: 4.90 EURO, Switzerland: 6,90 EURO) Good luck with your training!

Slalom poles - hurdle band (elastic)

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