Training poster - vynil dumbbells (25 workouts)

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You get a DIN A1 Poster training with 25 workouts, for a total body workout with vinyl dumbbells. It is perfect for use at home, at the gym or in rehabilitation areas. The DIN A1 poster has the dimensions 594 x 841 mm and is laminated. Supplied are 4 power-strips with which the training poster can be fixed to the door. The door is not included in the delivery. The matching vinyl dumbbells can also be bought in our shop. Also coaches from the professional sector work with our training supports.


  • Training posters vinyl dumbbells,
  • Total body workout with vinyl dumbbells,
  • 25 workouts,
  • Perfect for home, at the gym or in rehabilitation rooms,
  • Laminated DIN A1 Poster (594 x 841 mm),
  • Language: German
  • Incl. 4 power strips,
  • Professional product.

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