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Power bungee cord 12 – sprint training + springiness

You get modern training equipment made of a kind of bungee gum for a perfect goalkeeper and sprint training. The goalkeeper is in the middle of the goal and the power belt is fixed by means of a quick-release fastener on both goalposts. Now the goalkeeper training can start with an optimal train resistance (bungee effect). No matter whether high flanks or reaction on the goal line with this power bungee cord, many modern goalkeeper exercises can be carried out. Furthermore, the bungee cord can also be used for modern sprint training (see photos below). It can be used in several sports. You get this power belt complete with fastening units for the goal post. With our training aids and coaches from the professional sports work!


Product features:

  • Power bungee cord
  • Training with tensile strength
  • Bungee effect thanks to a kind of bungee gum
  • Incl. fixing units for goalposts
  • Incl. hip belt + 1 bungee ropes
  • Length of the rope: about 2.80 m (2x 1.40 m)
  • Color: Black


Training focus on:

  • Modern sprint training
  • Springiness training
  • Mobility training
  • Stability training etc.


Successful application at VfL Wolfsburg, German Champion 08/09
The development center of VfL Wolfsburg trained successfully with our power cords:

"We used the power bungee cords for the speed training in the U19 team. Our coach Stefan Schmidt is excited. We will use them more often in the coming period and also slowly introduce it in the lower age groups." 
(Comment of NLZ on 09/04/2010)


Lots of success with your training!

Power bungee cord 12 – sprint training + springiness

Modern goal keeper training with bungee effect + equipment – professional

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