Hydration Helper® Lemon - 25 sticks

You will receive 25 sticks of the high-quality product Hydration Helper® Lemon for your next workout. The functional carbohydrate-electrolyte solution ensures that your body can absorb water faster. This allows you to rehydrate and recover faster after a challenging workout, intense exercise, a stressful day at work, when travelling in dry air on the plane or in warm climates. In addition, the Hydration Helper® replenishes lost electrolytes, supports your muscles with magnesium and provides important B vitamins and zinc to improve your immune system. In addition to their functionality, the sticks also impress with their fruity, delicious flavour. Simply tear it open and dissolve in water. This makes drinking enough liquid a pleasure. Fast hydration, important nutrients and a delicious flavour - an absolute must have for every athlete and you! 

The sticks are available in a set of 25 as well as in a bundle including a practical Hybraid drinking bottle. Simply select the preferred option and add it to your shopping basket. Other Hydration Helper® products and a wide range of other coach supplies can also be purchased in our online shop. Professional trainers also work with our products! 


Product features:

  • Hydration Helper® Lemon - 25 sticks
  • A faster water absorption due to its carbohydrate-electrolyte combination
  • Content: 25 sticks of 12.9 g each
  • Flavour: Lemon
  • 1 stick = 400 - 500 ml low-calorie rehydration
  • Variants: 25 sticks or 25 sticks + Hybraid bottle
  • Made in Germany - without synthetic colourings and flavourings
  • 1118 mg electrolytes (Na, K, Mg, Cl) and 4 vitamins (C, B3, B5, B12) per serving
  • Perfect for regeneration after a hard workout, when travelling, after a stressful day at work ....


Suitable accessories: 

  • Hydration Helper® sticks: Here
  • Coach equipment: Here
  • Carrier and bottles: Here


 Good luck with your training!


  • Hydration Helper® Lemon - 25 Sticks
  •  Dehydration without synthetic colourings and flavourings

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Hydration Helper® Lemon - 25 sticks

ideal for regeneration, natural flavour

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