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The human brain is extremely capable. Both learning and movement processes are controlled by the brain. In general, it is possible for everyone to improve already existing abilities, to develop their personality and thus increase their potential. This process does not end in any age group, but takes place throughout one's life. Furthermore, negative and inhibitory factors, which are particularly relevant in competitive sports and old age, are reduced. Physical exercise is the foundation of these described learning processes and the development of the brain.

cognitive requirement profile

While science is already very advanced in many areas of football, it still lags behind in sports psychology. In football not only physical but also psychological factors are decisive. It has been recognised that psychological characteristics determine performance and have therefore been integrated into talent identification and development. 

connection between sleep and performance

Christiano Ronaldo has a sleep coach. Football teams from the west coast of the USA are more efficient in away games. Athletes from individual sports sleep worse than team athletes. The myths of sleep is becoming more and more relevant in the top leagues of sports but also in the general population. This article deals with the connection between sleep and performance.


We have selected 2 out of the numerous corner ball variations, which we will present to you. However, there are no limits to your creativity. Free kicks may be the cause for victory or defeat and should not be neglected.

decision making

"In my career I have already come into contact with many players which were faster and stronger than me. Decision-making controls our physical actions. Some players have a mental maximum speed of 80 km/h and others are able to reach 200 km/h. I always try to reach 200." - Xavi Hernandes

free kick

There are many different free-kick variations and there are no limits to your creativity. Below are two options which can make the difference between winning or losing.


Research in the field of training science is already advanced and performance improvements through purely physical training appear to be almost at an end. In contrast, the integration of the psychological aspects into everyday training is still in its early stages.


Pilates is a systematic training method for the body and mind. It is very effective and can be performed at any age and fitness level.


Especially in the preseason period, but also after competitive matches and intensive training sessions, it is important to recover in order to restore your strength as quickly as possible. For this reason, appropriate regeneration is essential in order to achieve the desired training effect after specific workouts.

requirement profile footballer

Football is a complex sport in which the interaction of physiological, tactical and psychological factors enables the best possible performance. There has been a change in recent years, in which the performance-related requirements have changed. Potentials lie in the development and improvement of the players' cognitive abilities.

sport and cognition

To what extent is sport and cognitive performance connected? Studies have shown that sport influences cognition and vice versa. Cognitive functions such as perception, attention, memory, working memory, and executive function must be mentioned here. How big the influence actually is and which physical activities are recommended can be read in this article.

visual training

The perception ability allows to gain information from the environment through different senses. The capacity with which we receive and interpret informations depends on cognitive processes and the available knowledge. Visual perception involves the receiving and processing of information through the eyes.