Sprint belt 5 - Sprint training with quick release function

You get a modern training tool for an optimal sprint and speed power training. The sprint belt 5 has a shoulder strap that one athlete puts on while another holds the other end of the leash. This allows someone to sprint while their helper creates resistance. You also have the option to release the belt at any time to enable the wearer to sprint without resistance. Important: release the belt only on command to avoid injury. The sprint belt allows the athlete to sprint at a variable resistance, to achieve an optimal training effect. You will receive a training device that enables 2 athletes to train simultaneously (including shoulder strap and solid holding unit with quick release function, see graph). The matching application exercises can be found in our dvd's and training catalogue. Coaches from the professional sector also work with our products.


Product features:

  • Sprint belt with quick release function
  • For resistance training
  • Includes shoulder strap and holding unit
  • Training device for 2 persons
  • Length of rope: ca. 2,50m (rope is not made of bungee)
  • Color: Black, red


Training focus on:

  • Improvement of explosive strength sprint and reaction training
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Explosive strength endurance and more
  • Also, can be used for goalkeeper training, acceleration partner exercises, etc.


Good luck with your training!

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Sprint belt 5 - sprint training with quick release function

Modern sprint training belt with quick release function

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